Tuesday, 26 February 2008


"What the fuck is a Cloverfield anyway" was just part of the conversation I was listening in on whilst I was waiting for the painfully long set of adverts to finish before I could finally watch Cloverfield. The film which has had internet nerds wetting themselves ever since that first sneak peek trailer appeared on the net back in May. A Blair witch style film, about a monster attack on NYC with obvious 9/11 connotations. This is really all we knew, so did I have a clue what to expect? Well yeah I did actually, I spent the entire week before reading review after review from critics and films boffs around the globe all wanting to let the planet know just what Lost Creator JJ Abrams had brought to the table. Reviews were slightly mixed but on the whole it seemed the world was giving Cloverfield a thumbs up. I give it two. The film is pure entertainment from start to finish, and runs at such a relentless pace, that you may find yourself gasping for air at points. Those who are seeking an in depth drama, with complicated narrative and strong character development look else where, because this is not what Cloverfield is about. Nor is it your run of the mill Hollywood Blockbuster. The narrative is simplistic, but for tension, and sheer feelings of panic, you'd be hard pressed to find anything better over the last 2 years or so. By using hand held camera, and only showing brief glimpses (until a stupid full view shot of the monster at the end) of the monster, it allows the audience to feel like they are actually experiencing these truly unbelievable events that are unfolding in front of their very eyes. The Monster looks great, and you feel that some nerd somewhere is already fantasizing about a Cloverfield vs Godzilla spin off. Cloverfield will undoubtedly have it's haters, but for a truly engrossing and exciting cinema experience, Cloverfield will take some beating.